Field Technicians

With over 150 years of knowledgeable tech service working on John Deere/Ag short line equipment and our 24/7 year round after hours service, your equipment will be up and running with very minimal downtime. From the shop to the field, we will are 100% committed to fulfilling all your equipment needs. Call us today!

Francisco Nunez           Service Manager Office: 559-659-2039          Cell:    559-694-1054

Ramon Canchola      Shop Technician 

Eric Retana-Sierra      Shop Technician 

Armando Ruiz     Field Technician     

Adrian Amezcua       Shop Technician 

Jimmy Phelen III  Shop Technician     

Delfino Macias                  Shop Foreman dmacias@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039          Cell:    559-694-1050

Dustin Lowry      Shop Technician 

Christopher Zuspan    Field Technician     

James Bridgeford Shop Technician     

          Office: 559-659-2039  After Hours: 559-694-1046

Shop Technicians

Ernesto Gutierrez    Field Technician 

Angelica Fuentes           Service Administrator  afuentes@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039

Miguel Parra      Shop Technician 

Winter Special:

  • 10% Discount on John Deere Parts & Labor on any job over $3000.00 if paid by the 10th of the following month.  (Outside vendor parts, labor and tracks are not included)
  • 60 Days No Payments, No Interest on any job over $3000.00 (If paid by the 10th of the month following the 60 day grace period)

New for 2018:

  • Free Pickup or delivery on any job over $4000.00 within a 50 mile radius (Applicable for both program)  (This program cannot be combined with any other discounts)

Jim Phelen         Field Technician 

Brandon Spindler      Field Technician     

Heriberto Aguilar     Shop Technician 

Jesse Fonscea                Service Warranty Administrator Office: 559-659-2039

Service Department -Firebaugh, CA

Miguel Heredia  Shop Technician     

Omar Hernandez       Field Technician 

Thomason Tractor Co. of California