Rick Elsdon                    Sales Administrator sales@thomasontractor.com      

Here at Thomason Tractor we strive to provide our customers with individual personalized attention. Our sales team comes with over 40 year’s experience serving the Central Valley. From sales to rentals, our sales staff here at Thomason Tractor Co. is ready to assist you with all of your agriculture equipment needs.

Don York Jr. is our Sales Manager. He has over 30 years of experience serving our customers at Thomason Tractor.                

dyorkjr@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039            Cell:    209-649-5149

Dean Collins has been with Thomason Tractor for 13 years and serves the S. West    Valley from Firebaugh to Kerman.   

dcollins@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039          Cell: 559-694-1075

Fred Gomez has been with Thomason Tractor for 12 Years and is currently assisting in all GPS / AMS Components.          

jgomez@thomasontractor.com   Office: 559-659-2039                  Cell:    559-694-1052

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Jess Herrera has been at Thomason Tractor for 37 years and serves the North West Valley from Firebaugh to Los Banos.                 

jherrera@thomasontractor.com  Office: 559-659-2039             Cell:    559-694-1040

Nathan Chang is in his first year at Thomason Tractor and serves the Eastern Valley from Chowchilla to Kerman.  nchang@thomasontractor.com  Office: 559-659-2039    Cell:    559-694-1041

Thomason Tractor Sales Team - Firebaugh, CA

Thomason Tractor Co. of California