Delfino Macias                  Shop Foreman dmacias@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039          Cell:    559-694-1050

Dustin Lowry      Shop Technician 

James Bridgeford Shop Technician     

Ashley Padeiro              Service Administrator  apadeiro@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039

Heriberto Aguilar     Field Technician 

Jesse Fonscea                Service Warranty Administrator Office: 559-659-2039

Service Department -Firebaugh, CA

Field Technicians

With over 150 years of knowledgeable tech service working on John Deere/Ag short line equipment and our 24/7 year round after hours service, your equipment will be up and running with very minimal downtime. From the shop to the field, we will are 100% committed to fulfilling all your equipment needs. Call us today!

Ramon Canchola      Shop Technician 

Armando Ruiz     Field Technician     

Jimmy Phelen III  Field Technician     

          Office: 559-659-2039  After Hours: 559-694-1046

Shop Technicians

Joey Rodriguez     Shop Technician 

Jim Phelen         Field Technician 

Jose Loza-Baeza     Field Technician 

Omar Hernandez       Field Technician 

Humberto Sepulveda  Shop Technician 

Francisco Nunez           Service Manager Office: 559-659-2039          Cell:    559-694-1054

Ronnie Ramirez    Shop Technician 

Thomason Tractor Co. of California