Victor Rosas            Parts Professional Office: 559-659-2039

Shipping and Receiving

Alfred Gonzales             Parts Professional

agonzales@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039

Courtney Yriarte           Parts Administrative Assistant  Office: 559-659-2039

Jacob Coronado   Warehouse Manager       

Parts and Apparel

Seth York          Shipping & Receiving         

Marissa Frias              Parts Administrative Assistant   Office: 559-659-2039

Roberto Rodriguez      Parts Professional 

rrodriguez@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039

Come see us today for all of your tractor parts and accessories. We offer a 24/7 year round after hours number to ensure that your parts are available to you day or night.

After Hours: 559-694-1043 

Office Support

Parts Professionals

Thomason Tractor Co. of California


Rick Solis                  Parts Professional   Office: 559-659-2039  Cell:    559-694-1048

Max Ramirez               Parts Professional 

mramirez@thomasontractor.comOffice: 559-659-2039

Terry Lowry                 Parts Manager   Office: 559-659-2039